Artisan Basic Dough

21st March 2016

3.000 g Artisan 60/40 NA
2.000 g Tipo “00”,
Grano Tenero NA
110 g salt
75 g yeast
3.200 g water

8.385 g dough


Put all the ingredients into the mixer, hold back approx. 300 g water and 110 g salt. Add the remaining 300 g water, when the dough has been mixed 5 + 5 min. When the water has been absorbed by the dough, add the salt and mix the rest of the mixing time.

Dough temp.: 24-25°C.
Mixing time*: 5 min. slow + 5 min. fast + 5 min. fast.
Resting time: 60-120 min. in raising box.
Dough weight: Bread: 750 g. Rolls: 150 g. Baguette: 400 g.
Shape: Bread: Freestanding. Rolls: Place on a flour dusted plate.
Decoration: Mix of 25% rye flakes, 25% sesame seeds, 25% blue
poppy seeds and 25% pumpkin seeds.
Proof time* :Approx. 40-60 min.
Bread: Cut once lengthwise. Rolls: Place upside.
Baguette: Cut twice lengthwise.
Baking temp.* : Bread: 240°C, falling to 210°C.
Rolls and Baguette: 250°C, falling to 230°C.
Steam as Italian bread types.
Ideal for baking in deck oven.
Baking time*: Bread: 40 min. Rolls and Baguette: 25 min.